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use Rainlendar on i3 desktop

asked 2013-05-22 21:52:34 +0000

cee gravatar image

updated 2013-06-27 08:02:32 +0000

Hi all,

I am pretty new to i3 and like it so far very much. Just switched my main working laptop from XFCE (with Compiz) to i3 (actually still XFCE, but with i3 as window manager).

What I miss is my Rainlendar Calendar on the desktop.

Is it possible to have it shown on all desktops but beneath all other windows?

Any help is welcome.
Thank you in advance.
Best regards,

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FYI: I deleted your “answer” since it was not an answer, it was a new question. Please post a new question if you have a new question, the faq is not suited for this kind of discussion.

Michael gravatar imageMichael ( 2013-06-28 06:15:00 +0000 )edit

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answered 2013-05-23 04:16:01 +0000

joepd gravatar image

i3 cannot put an application on the desktop. An application either has a window, or it does not exist. If you could tell rainlendar to launch without integrating in the desktop, I would look into scratchpad. If not, you're out of luck.

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