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how to launch rdesktop

asked 2013-07-05 00:54:12 +0000

jjolet gravatar image

when i try to launch rdesktop with the dmenu, nothing happens. when i launch it from a terminal, it seems to ignore all the keys, like fullscreen, and float toggle. how do i get rdesktop to launch fullscreen?

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answered 2013-07-05 05:38:51 +0000

cee gravatar image

-f should do it.

rdesktop mywinbox -f

To toggle fullscreen press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Enter].

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+1 for ctrl+alt+enter. Thanks :)

joepd gravatar imagejoepd ( 2013-07-05 21:21:32 +0000 )edit

answered 2013-07-09 21:13:16 +0000

JohnnyFive gravatar image

I personally created a bash file (named jHome) and put the following contents in it:

rdesktop -g 95% ipaddress:port

The -g option makes it so it automatically fills 95% of the screen (which is about perfect for i3).

Then made it executable and put it in my PATH. Then I just hit meta+d, type 'jH' and enter and away it goes. I understand that's not fullscreen, but it takes up most of the screen and allows me to switch between desktops in i3 as well.

I have not had any real issues opening/operating rdesktop,

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