Automatically starting applications on i3 startup [closed]

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i'm trying to configure my workplace on startup. i want to have runned on startup 21 applications on 8 wokspaces and 2 displays and have following configuration on .i3/config:

workspace 1 output VGA-0
exec i3-msg 'workspace 1;exec i3-sensible-terminal;exec i3-sensible-terminal;exec i3-sensible-terminal'

workspace 2 output VGA-0
exec i3-msg 'workspace 2;exec firefox;exec firefox'

workspace 3 output VGA-0
exec i3-msg 'workspace 3;exec pcmanfm;exec pcmanfm;exec pcmanfm'

workspace 4 output VGA-0
exec i3-msg 'workspace 4;exec thunderbird'

workspace 5 output DVI-I-1
exec i3-msg 'workspace 5;exec sl'

workspace 6 output DVI-I-1
exec i3-msg 'workspace 6;exec sl;exec sl'

workspace 7 output DVI-I-1
exec i3-msg 'workspace 7;exec firefox'

workspace 8 output DVI-I-1
exec i3-msg 'workspace 8;exec i3-sensible-terminal;exec i3-sensible-terminal;exec i3-sensible-terminal;exec i3-sensible-terminal'

but all what i have is 8 workspaces and all applications runned on workspace-8 or 1 or elsewhere)

How I do get it?

Please help) Thank you.

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