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Cursor jumps to window

asked 2012-08-19 17:35:38 +0000

updated 2012-08-19 18:01:11 +0000

When I change the window with the keyboard shortcut to a window on another screen (i use a dual head display), the cursor jumps in the middle of the window I just go to. How can I avoid this?

If I use the mouse to go from one screen to a other screen (move it from the left screen to the right screen), the cursor sometimes jumps back in the middle of the previous screen. This only happens if there are windows on both screens. If there is no open window on both screens, the mouse works as expected. I think this is related to the default behaviour of the cursor jump if I switch the screens with the keyboard?

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answered 2014-04-03 17:12:36 +0000

NeV3rKilL gravatar image

My mouse is returning to the center of the monitor that i want to leave, almost everytime I leave the screen with firefox to go the second one.

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answered 2015-08-13 15:20:46 +0000

Miro gravatar image

updated 2015-09-03 14:54:04 +0000

Probably it's because of:

You can turn it off.

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answered 2012-08-19 17:53:37 +0000

Michael gravatar image

You cannot avoid this currently. I doubt it is the reason for "strange mouse jumping".

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Thanks for the comment. I clarify my question. Any suggestions to track this down?

Aaron gravatar imageAaron ( 2012-08-19 18:01:40 +0000 )edit

I second this, very annoying bug

rainbow_beast gravatar imagerainbow_beast ( 2012-09-10 16:09:52 +0000 )edit

Is there no solution for this problem currently? It is verry anoying and makes using the mouse sometimes a real pain. The cursor jumps back to the previouse screen 5 or more times before he finally move go into the other screen :(

Aaron gravatar imageAaron ( 2013-01-13 00:00:15 +0000 )edit

I am not affected by strange jumping, but warping is a feature I would very much like to disable completely. Is there a ticket about mouse warping that I could subscribe to?

Yuri Khan gravatar imageYuri Khan ( 2013-11-18 12:16:53 +0000 )edit

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