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Purpose and effect of i3bar 'urgent' flag?

asked 2014-07-19 02:02:23 +0000

ANOKNUSA gravatar image

updated 2014-07-19 02:02:47 +0000

I'm curious as to what the purpose of the 'urgent' flag is in i3bar, and what effect setting it actually has. One would think it applies the 'urgent.workspace' colors to the block set as urgent, but this doesn't seem to be the case in practice (nothing happens when I set 'urgent=true' and the documentation doesn't really mention what happens. If I've overlooked something or this has already been answered in the FAQ, feel free to point out my idiocy. :P Thanks.

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Where is that flag? I've not seen it in the config file.

tigrezno gravatar imagetigrezno ( 2014-07-21 19:07:04 +0000 )edit

ANOKNUSA gravatar imageANOKNUSA ( 2014-07-21 19:53:49 +0000 )edit

mmm according to: "The presentation of urgency is up to i3bar.", it looks like a themed-flag. I'm going to try it and see what happens.

tigrezno gravatar imagetigrezno ( 2014-07-21 19:55:42 +0000 )edit

It does nothing for me. I've looked at the code and urgent only applies to workspaces. May be it's not implemented yet.

tigrezno gravatar imagetigrezno ( 2014-07-21 20:05:44 +0000 )edit

The one other thing I thought of is that it serves as a makeshift pop-up notification, so when the 'urgent' state changes from 'true' to 'false' it changes the mode of i3bar from 'hidden' to 'show.' That doesn't seem true either, though.

ANOKNUSA gravatar imageANOKNUSA ( 2014-07-21 21:04:48 +0000 )edit

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answered 2014-07-29 07:16:26 +0000

Michael gravatar image

updated 2015-10-11 10:24:50 +0000

It’s just not implemented yet. See also

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Thanks for the info. As a side note I'd also like to see background colors introduced in i3bar, although I don't consider them essential to the user experience.

ANOKNUSA gravatar imageANOKNUSA ( 2014-07-31 00:34:37 +0000 )edit

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