Display of [H/V/C] container headings

asked 2014-10-22 20:05:48 +0000

wave and matter gravatar image

I have recently started to use i3 and like it a lot. However, there are things which seem logically inconsistent or at least i do not understand the rules they follow.

One of them is, when container headings are displayed and when they are not.

For example if i press alt+enter, alt+enter, alt+h, alt+enter, upon pressing 'alt+h' a container heading "[H]" opens - this makes sense to me, since i have created a branch in the tree structure. However, pressing alt+enter, alt+enter, alt+e, alt+h, alt+enter, I have created a branch upon pressing alt+h just the same - however the newly created window sits just beside the two old ones, there is no container heading and only from looking at the screen the three windows could just bee on the same hierarchy level in the tree.

I would be grateful if somebody could explain this behaviour. To me it seems, that it would be much easier to predict what the window manager is going to do, when you exactly know where you are in the container tree by simply looking at the screen.

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