new windows are borderless on fresh install. [resolved - stupid user]

asked 2015-04-08 11:18:51 +0000

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updated 2015-04-10 10:21:05 +0000

Which is not what I'd like. I've had this on every newinstall of i3. I've just got a new install of xubuntu (14.10) and copied the working config (14.04) over - no borders at all. I've tried most of the permutations of new_window and new_float as per the manual: normal|1pixel|none|pixel

If I set it with a tab, then to one pixel using the keybind, it's fine. But get wiped as soon as I re-load the config. I don't see anyone else with this problem. So I'm assuming it's me?

EDIT: Yes it was me, I noticed that other windows (I only tend to have a browser and term windows open) had full decorations and were looking fine. Turns out the terminal emulator I am using had 'no windecs' enabled, so I enabled them and all is fine. :)

Mods - feel free to bin this - might be useful for some other dipwit...

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