i3bar Colors on a RPi [closed]

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I'm running i3 on an Arch installation on a RPi (which uses xf86-video-fbdev for X). I cannot figure out why i3bar is not accepting the settings I am entering for the colors. My bar section in ~/.i3/config reads (I was using red for testing):

bar {
    output            default
    status_command    i3status
    workspace_buttons yes
    tray_output       none

    colors {
        background #ff0000
        statusline #ffffff


But the i3 bar background is black. When I enter green (#00FF00) for the background color, the i3bar background is yellow. In general, any i3bar color I specify (except black and white) are not showing up as expected and I don't know why. Colors for my terminal application (urxvt) are displaying fine and as expected (as read from ~/.Xresources).

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This FAQ board is not the right place for reporting or discussing bugs. Please open an issue on the bug tracker: https://github.com/i3/i3/issues/new

Adaephon gravatar imageAdaephon ( 2015-08-03 09:02:42 +0000 )edit