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windows key is mod, still want to use alt for some combos [closed]

asked 2015-08-18 16:30:38 +0000

krupan gravatar image

I have my windows key (Mod4) as $mod, but I want to use my Alt key for some key combinations (a few that don't conflict with emacs).

Here's the snippet of my config that I wish would work, but isn't:

#alternative switch to workspace:
bindsym Alt+1 workspace 1
bindsym Alt+2 workspace 2
bindsym Alt+3 workspace 3
bindsym Alt+4 workspace 4
bindsym Alt+5 workspace 5
bindsym Alt+6 workspace 6
bindsym Alt+7 workspace 7
bindsym Alt+8 workspace 8
bindsym Alt+9 workspace 9
bindsym Alt+0 workspace 10

Am I doing something wrong?

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This is essentially a duplicate of this question:

Adaephon gravatar imageAdaephon ( 2015-08-18 21:59:13 +0000 )edit

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answered 2015-08-18 17:25:59 +0000

i3convert gravatar image

You should use Mod1, not Alt. Run xmodmap to see the list of bindings of keys to virtual modifier names.

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