"$mod+Shift+at move container to workspace 2" not working [closed]

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I installed i3wm on two machines today. First one went great (I love i3wm!), but the second one doesn't seem to recognize the bindings that move a container to another workspace (e.g. $mod+Shift+at move container to workspace 2).

I tried it with mod set to mod1 (alt) and mod4(meta/win key). Is there a debug mode I can use to check what i3wm is seeing on those key bindings? Or is there a common incompatibility with some machines/keyboards that I haven't found?

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The FAQ is not a bugtracker, please use http://bugs.i3wm.org/ instead.

Michael gravatar imageMichael ( 2012-11-17 08:56:46 +0000 )edit