Manage 'global theme'

asked 2015-12-13 20:05:28 +0000

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Customizing i3 and all the applications is a deep art it involves managing a lot of configuration files and you need to have a good overview of the settings you want if you don't wan't to be always editing them, like me. So I decided to write a little script (in bash) to set a 'global theme'. The theme contains all the config files (wallpaper, gtk, termite, ncmpcpp...) and the script is supposed to link the files into the location where applications need them.

But feh can't open a symlink... feh WARNING: .wallpaper.f does not exist - skipping feh: No loadable images specified. I haven't tried for other applications but it may happens again.

Instead of linking I can always copy... Now I wonder, is there any application to manage config files as themes ?

Thank you

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