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Keep workspaces in order : possible ?

asked 2012-11-25 08:49:04 +0000

Spheerys gravatar image

Is it possible to keep the differents workspaces in order ? For example, I have this :

# switch to workspace
bindsym $mod+ampersand workspace www
bindsym $mod+eacute workspace mail
bindsym $mod+quotedbl workspace im
bindsym $mod+apostrophe workspace dev
bindsym $mod+parenleft workspace zik
bindsym $mod+minus workspace taf
bindsym $mod+egrave workspace 7
bindsym $mod+underscore workspace 8
bindsym $mod+ccedilla workspace compta
bindsym $mod+agrave workspace term

But the workspaces are ordered by the first loaded application process.

Can't we imagine a way to fix the order without use numbers on the name of the workspaces ?

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answered 2012-11-25 09:48:43 +0000

Michael gravatar image

If you need them ordered, prefix them with a number, e.g. "3: dev". It is unlikely that anything else will ever come into i3, because I don’t think the additional complexity is worth it.

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would not have complexity if i3 was extensible through a script language like python, then we could make extensions for i3, just saying.

killown gravatar imagekillown ( 2013-05-26 09:23:32 +0000 )edit

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