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change brightness in i3 (macbook pro)

asked 2014-02-26 21:34:31 +0000

lee.o gravatar image

updated 2014-02-26 21:35:01 +0000

Hi guys,

i installed arch linux, with gnome on my macbook pro 8.1. After 1 day i tried i3, and don't like gnome no more. All works well except the media keys of the keyboard (brightness, volume, etc).

I read, that one could use gnome-settings-daemon but that doesn't work for me. Do i have something else than adding exec /usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon to my .i3/config?

Thanks in advance!

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answered 2014-02-27 09:25:01 +0000

cee gravatar image

You could just assign (bindsym) your keys directly in .i3/config to change volume, brightness etc. You have to have a program to be executed, that has the needed ability though. xbacklight and alsamixer come to mind, but there are a bunch of alternatives.

xev is a great tool to get the definition of any pressed key. Media keys are recognized (most of the times) and can be used by their name.

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