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keybinding to open more than one program

asked 2014-11-27 03:09:06 +0000

Marcelo gravatar image

updated 2014-11-27 03:18:56 +0000

Hi. I'd like to set a single key to make i3 perform several actions one by one. So, let's say I want Mod4+j to do this:

"Open gimp /this/file.xcf, pcmanfm and inkscape /this/file.svg in workspace 2."

This is what I was doing with Fluxbox until now I switched to i3. It then looked like this: Mod4 Shift Alt j :MacroCmd {Workspace 3}{Exec soundgrain /bla/bla/}{Exec din}{Exec slgui -L /bla/bla/mar.slsess}

However, what I was trying for ages was little more complicated. If I can get i3 to do it in one hit, I kiss your feet :)

"Open qjackctl and Catia in workspace 2; switch to workspace 3 and open wine /home/usr/.wine/reaper.exe; wait 20 seconds (to avoid Reaper opening in next workspace, since it takes a lot); switch to workspace 4 and open two files with their default programmes."

Thanks very much in advance. Regards.

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Do you always open these programs on those workspaces? If so, just use `for_window` rules and you won't even have to worry about waiting 20 seconds.

airblader gravatar imageairblader ( 2014-11-27 16:10:50 +0000 )edit

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answered 2014-12-07 01:23:09 +0000

smlb gravatar image

You can simply bind it to a shortcut, example:

bindsym $mod+b exec i3-msg 'workspace 2; exec gimp file.xcf; workspace 9; exec urxvt -e something; workspace 5; exec firefox; workspace 1'

Sidenote: the last workspace 1 take you automatically to workspace 1. That's all. As Micheal said, there is the Save Layouts feature.

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answered 2014-12-06 22:29:49 +0000

Michael gravatar image

I think you’re looking for

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