status_command missing library (exit 127)

asked 2014-11-02 04:44:47 +0000

NimS gravatar image

Hi, Following the instructions here:


I end up with the following error on the i3bar: Error:status_command not found or is missing a library dependency (error 127)

This also happens if I follow other directions (essentially the same as above) I have found to get conky to display colors in the i3bar.

I have i3status installed but am trying to find what library I could be missing.

Any help, tips, ideas gratefully accepted!

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Does the conky config work without color? The error message suggests conky is trying to run some background command that isn't installed on your system. And FYI, i3status wouldn't have anything to do with it. It isn't needed for i3bar to work, it's a completely separate program.

ANOKNUSA gravatar imageANOKNUSA ( 2014-11-03 18:59:39 +0000 )edit

thanks. I'm now in the enjoyably frustrating situation of having found a solution but not knowing what the solution was... I tried so many variables without clearly checking each as i went along... But, it works now!

NimS gravatar imageNimS ( 2014-11-05 12:53:19 +0000 )edit