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How to turn off the screen?

asked 2012-10-17 13:24:35 +0000

688a gravatar image

Hi there. Is it possible to set the screen turn-off when the computer is not being used for some time? Thx.

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answered 2012-10-17 13:38:24 +0000

Else gravatar image

This can be done with DPMS, e.g. xset dpms 60 to blank the screen after 60 seconds of standby.

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Thanks. It works as what I wanted!

688a gravatar image688a ( 2012-10-18 00:50:56 +0000 )edit

What's the best way to make this setting permanent? exec in ~/.i3/config?

kynan gravatar imagekynan ( 2014-10-16 08:21:15 +0000 )edit

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