How to match a very short-lived window

asked 2015-05-13 16:05:50 +0000

Nikolaus Rath gravatar image

Matlab 2015 has the unfortunate regression that it does not set the correct window manager hints on its dialogues.

I fixed most of the issues by matching on the window title and manually setting them to floating. However, some dialogues (progress messages) are not long-lived enough for me to run xprop on them, so I can't find out how to match them with for_window.

Is there a tool/command/method that allows me to get the properties of the next window that opens? (Instead of me having to click on the desired window).

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As a quick solution you can use this script and run the following command: i3subscribe window dump | grep -e "^window:new" -e "'title'" -e "'class'" -e "'instance'" The section after window:new would be of interest.

gurkensalat gravatar imagegurkensalat ( 2015-05-13 16:52:51 +0000 )edit

I'd also file a bug against Matlab for this.

Airblader gravatar imageAirblader ( 2015-05-13 18:42:49 +0000 )edit