scratchpad idea

asked 2015-02-14 15:27:13 +0000

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Hello I've been using i3 for more then a year now and love it :) Today I had an idea about scratchpad and would like you to consider it. I think it would make sense that when window is moved to scratchpad it be the first window it will appear when scratchpad show is called.

The reason is that say I have several windows in a scratchpad but usually I mostly use one of those windows. then instead of calling scratchpad show and toggling I can also call move scratchpad so the nexgt time I call show scratchpad it will show me the same window and I dont have to loop.

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So what happens when the window you want is *not* the one most recently moved to the scratchpad? The time will inevitably come when you want the *opposite* of what you're asking for now.

ANOKNUSA gravatar imageANOKNUSA ( 2015-02-19 01:34:34 +0000 )edit